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5 September 2022

[Update] ROIDMI EVE Plus vacuum and floor mopping robot with 40€ discount

The ROIDMI EVE Plus vacuum cleaner robot from the manufacturer Xiaomi not only has 2.700 Pa suction power, but also a smart wiping function. With its dust bag with filter function, the HEPA filter and the unloading station, it is ideal for pet owners, [...]
26 April 2022

Redkey F10 - Flexible cordless vacuum cleaner with 23.000 Pa (sponsor)

The Redkey F10 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wide range of accessories for various uses. In addition to the large brush for the floor, which is equipped with a light for use under the furniture, […]
1 April 2022
Redroad V17 in the test report

Redroad V17 cordless hand vacuum cleaner in the test

A few weeks ago I received the Redroad V17 from the manufacturer for testing. In principle, this device is a battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner that can be used if you need to […]
26 October 2021

Twotoo T2 - vacuum robot with 8.000 Pa suction power and wiping function

Three times more suction power than the average robot vacuum cleaner, 210 minutes battery life, laser navigation, wiping function, silicone brush for better absorption of animal hair, good cleaning of carpets - that and much more promises the Twotoo T2 vacuum robot presented below. [...]
1 October 2021
Suction power Suction power Pa kPa AW Air Watt

What do the suction force values ​​Pa, kPa or AW mean for vacuum cleaners?

I often write test reports on vacuum robots, cordless vacuum cleaners or normal mains-operated cylinder vacuum cleaners. In this context, I usually also study the technical data of the vacuum cleaner and keep stumbling across the manufacturer's information on the [...]
7 September 2021

yeedi 2 hybrid vacuum robot with wiping function and 90 euros discount

The yeedi 2 is a hybrid vacuum robot that not only has a vacuum cleaner but also a wiping function. The robot that cleans with up to 2.500 Pa suction power actually costs 299,99 euros, but can be purchased until September 14, 2021 for [...]
8 April 2021

Vacuum robot with wiping function: Roborock S7 at Amazon

The latest robot vacuum cleaner model from the Xiaomi brand Roborock, the S7, is available directly from the German Amazon site. With Prime Shipping, delivery doesn't take that long. The Roborock S7 vacuum robot not only brings 2.500 Pa [...]
17 February 2020

Overview: the suction power of current vacuum robots in comparison

Vacuum cleaner robots, or vacuum robots for short, have been enjoying great popularity for several years. Here in the blog you can find the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Test since 2017 and the Roborock Sweep One S2018 since 50. But then like [...]
23 August 2018
GearBest promotion at the end of August 2018: cheap vacuum cleaners (robots)

Buy vacuum cleaners and robots cheaper - vacuum robot deals at GearBest

GearBest is currently offering a total of four different vacuum cleaners and robots with discounts of up to 30%. Among them are the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (here in the test) and also the Roborock S50 with wiping function (test report here). In addition [...]
28 July 2017

Xiaomi Mi Robot: robot vacuum cleaner with app control

If you are interested in a vacuum cleaner robot, also called Robot Vacuum, then the Xiaomi Mi Robot might be right for you. It does well in tests and it also has [...]