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17 October 2022
Ecovacs T9 AIVI animal hair vacuum cleaning robot in the test

In the test: Ecovacs T9 AIVI pet hair vacuum cleaner with auto-empty station

The manufacturer Ecovacs has already convinced me with the X1 Omni (link to the test report). After writing to the marketing department about how well their robot vacuum is doing in our household with dog hair, cords, and other issues, […]
7 September 2022
Deebot X1 Omni review

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni in the test: wiping and vacuum cleaning robot with multifunctional dock

From my point of view, testing robot vacuums is always a ride on the razor blade. Sometimes the devices themselves are good, but the app is atrocious. Or they suck well, but planning the trips […]
4 August 2022
Roborock auto-emptying station

Roborock auto dump station in black and white

If you're tired of emptying your vacuum's dust bin after each cycle, you can purchase Roborock's Auto-Drain Station to automate this process. The integrated suction function of the dock sucks the dust and […]
21 March 2022
Anchor deals with discounts

Anker Deals – up to 31% off vacuum cleaners, projectors, cameras and smart homes

The manufacturer Anker, who is often represented here in the blog with test reports or product presentations, has a list of deals for us every few weeks, which I am happy to pass on to you, […]
11 December 2021
Yeedi deals 2021

Yeedi Deals with 15% to 40% discount in the run-up to Christmas 2021

I only got to know the Yeedi brand for a short time because I had their vacuum cleaner robot Yeedi Vac Max in the test. To save you reading this test: The robot is astonishingly all-terrain and therefore [...]
2 November 2021

Roborock S7 vacuum and floor mopping robot - save 170 € with this code!

You can buy the Roborock S7 vacuum and floor mopping robot from the manufacturer Xiaomi at Amazon with a huge discount! The smart vacuum cleaner and mopping robot comes not only with 2.500 Pa suction power, but also with scrubbing technology [...]
26 October 2021

Twotoo T2 - vacuum robot with 8.000 Pa suction power and wiping function

Three times more suction power than the average robot vacuum cleaner, 210 minutes battery life, laser navigation, wiping function, silicone brush for better absorption of animal hair, good cleaning of carpets - that and much more promises the Twotoo T2 vacuum robot presented below. [...]
1 October 2021
Suction power Suction power Pa kPa AW Air Watt

What do the suction force values ​​Pa, kPa or AW mean for vacuum cleaners?

I often write test reports on vacuum robots, cordless vacuum cleaners or normal mains-operated cylinder vacuum cleaners. In this context, I usually also study the technical data of the vacuum cleaner and keep stumbling across the manufacturer's information on the [...]
29 September 2021
Yeedi Vac Max vacuum cleaner test

Yeedi Vac Max vacuum cleaner robot with 3000 Pa against animal hair in the test

We recently had a couple of Yeedi devices in offers, such as the Yeedi Mop Station, the Yeedi k65 and the k700 here. Yeedi has now given me the Yeedi Vac Max for a [...]
16 June 2020
Replacement filters and brushes for the Roborock / Xiaomi vacuum robot

Replacement filters and brushes for the Xiaomi / Roborock vacuum cleaner robots

I have been using the Roborock S50 vacuum cleaner robot with mopping function for several years and have not yet replaced a filter or brush. I blow the filter and the dust container regularly with a cordless dust blower from Opolar [...]