The best USB cordless pocket warmers for winter (2020/2021 update)

CSL battery hand warmer

The post has become quite long now and I think many of you are not necessarily keen to read 15 minutes about the functions and properties of hand warmers. For this reason, I have two recommendations for you, with which you are guaranteed not to go wrong and still get a full smartphone and warm fingers in the cold days.

OCOOPA hand warmer (9.000 mAh)

The Ocoopa is handy and offers both USB-PD and QC 3.0 for quick charging of smartphones. It also offers three different heating levels and lasts up to 14 hours in the lowest level.


  • medium capacity (9.000 mAh)
  • up to 14h running time
  • 3 heating levels (35-55 ° C)
  • USB C with PowerDelivery
  • Temperature 35-55 ° C
  • gets warm in a few seconds
  • handy


  • medium capacity only

Here is the original post

Update, December 16.12.2020, XNUMX: The list here includes some good pocket warmers, but my favorite has been this for a year BigBlue 3-in-1 pocket warmer with USB, power bank and torch. You can find it at the bottom of this post or via this link here on Amazon. The flashlight function makes it super practical when you're looking for something in the dark and when the iPhone gnaws at the last battery reserves - which it likes to do in sub-zero temperatures - then you can keep it afloat with the pocket warmer. Definitely my recommendation!

Update, December 5, 2017: Another year is over and winter 2017/2018 is just around the corner! So that you can get through Christmas and the New Year safely and with warm hands, I have revised the article about the best USB battery pocket warmers for the winter. Below you will find a correspondingly updated overview of the hand warmer with power bank function. All other parts of the text are from the 2014 article and the corresponding updates from 2015 and 2016;)

Update, December 9, 2016: I have read the USB battery pocket warmer thrown from the list that are no longer available on Amazon. For this I have added current models for winter 2016/2017. Of course are too Hand warmer with power bank function included;)

You already know that I am on lists with the “best” products. They are simply the products in a category that I consider particularly recommendable. However, the verdict is not based on an extensive test, but on the many opinions and reviews from other people that I was able to find on the Internet about the products. This "test" on battery pocket warmers came about because I recently had to do an assignment with the flying drone with a colleague. It was below 0°C and if you then stand for an hour in the wind and have to operate two aluminum control sticks with your fingers, then you get really cold fingers and hands.

CSL battery hand warmer
The Battery operated hand warmers from CSL is a good compromise between low weight and heating capacity. However, it does not offer the 55 ° C heat that the Warmastone pocket oven provides (Photo: Amazon).

Since we still have a few outstanding jobs of this kind, it won't be long before I'm back in the field and my fingers freeze off. Accordingly, I've already looked around for ways to get my hands warm again quickly in the short breaks between landings and take-offs. I came up with the idea to put a USB hand warmer in every jacket pocket so that I can warm up both hands at the same time. But which model should you take? One with charcoal pencils, one with lighter fluid or a pocket warmer with a battery?

Advantages of the cordless hand warmer

I ended up going for a rechargeable electric hand warmer. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • I don't like to carry burning things around with me in my pocket ;-)
  • pocket warmers that work with combustion are hard to “stop” and then quickly plug back in
  • the cordless pocket warmer can also be used as a power bank and torch
  • there are no "consumables" with the electric pocket stove, because a socket or a car USB plug is enough to recharge it
  • you can turn it on and off at the push of a button

So I looked around a bit for electric USB pocket warmers and actually only found three models that can be recommended. I have to admit that I prefer one model - but I think there are different tastes and that's why I would like to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of all three models. The prices mentioned are given at the current time and will not be updated. So please check how much they actually cost.

USB battery pocket warmer winter 2017/2018

Here is the update mentioned above for the pocket warmers, hand warmers and power banks with warming function / heating function that are currently well rated on Amazon. If you know other good pocket warmers, hand warmers and power bank heaters, please write them as a comment under this post!

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

purital pocket heater and power bank: pocket warmer in pink, blue, black or gold

The purital pocket warmer has average good to very good ratings on Amazon. This applies to all four color variants. Although the model is not the cheapest, you can buy a pocket warmer with the device that heats up to 48 ° C. In addition, the battery can be used as a power bank with a capacity of 5.600 mAh. Ideal for charging your iPhone multiple times;)

purital pocket warmer with power bank in pink
4 heating levels from 40 ° to 48 ° Celsius. Power bank with 5.600 mAh for charging smartphones or tablets via USB.
purital USB hand warmer with power bank in blue
4 heating levels from 40 ° to 48 ° Celsius. Power bank with 5.600 mAh for charging smartphones or tablets via USB.

No products found.

Golfoholic Pocket Warmer – with “Award”

The Golfoholic pocket stove actually won first place: the product award in the “Accessories” category at Golf Europe 2010. With its 45 grams it is again below the CSL warmer, but it still offers a slightly higher temperature of 42-45°C. The mileage is stated by the manufacturer as 3-4 hours, but one customer writes that he can heat for more like 4-6 hours with a 1-2 hour charge. Since the weight is also about the same as the CSL pocket warmer, I assume that the battery is in the same league and has about 1000 mAh. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any information about this. The shape of this warmer is also very pleasant due to the rounded corners. Customer opinions vary wildly, but I think the performance specs are about the same as the CSL Warmer, although I'm pleased that this one offers a few degrees more.

Golfoholic Pocket Warmer, Black, 8,5mm Thickness, 2580
This electric hand warmer also offers the option of charging a smartphone. approx. 1000 mAh and 42-45 ° C are the technical data of the device. The price is around 18-20 EUR.

Warmastone 3-in-1 hand warmer - scorching hot!

Ok, I'll admit it: I found my favorite device with the Warmastone USB hand warmer. At 90 grams, it weighs almost twice as much as the devices mentioned above, but it also offers a maximum heating output of 55 ° C, which can be divided into two heating levels using a switch. In addition to the power bank function, it also offers the option of using it as a flashlight and even as a bicycle light thanks to the bicycle holder supplied. A 30-pin plug for the iPhone 4 is included, but if you have an iPhone 5 or 6/6 plus, you should also order a Lightning cable, because you need this if you want to use the Warmastone hand warmer as a power bank for current iPhones . Since the weight of the Warmastone is higher than that of the other two devices, I assume that a more powerful lithium battery is installed. Due to the higher heating output, however, it will certainly also be more stressed. However, a customer still reports a good 2 to 2,5 hours of heat delivery at full power. The multi-level LED display, which shows how long you can still have heat, is also convenient.

No products found.

Additional: Big Blue 3in 1 hand warmer, power bank and flashlight

And here is an update from December 15, 2016: I am now adding the Big Blue pocket warmer to the list. According to the manufacturer, it warms up from 35 ° to 60 ° Celsius and can also be used as a power bank. I've already had the Big Blue here before in test, which was very positive for the hand warmer. The capacity of the battery is 6.000 mAh and is enough to warm your hands, charge the iPhone and use the built-in LED flashlight. A beautiful multifunctional device that can only be delivered from December 19, 2016. Still, there are already four 5-star ratings, one even with photos of the device. I guess these are reports from pre-testers who have already contributed their impressions of the device before it goes on sale ...

BigBlue 10,000 mAh USB rechargeable hand warmer 3 in 1 power bank with LED flashlight in red, ...
A pocket warmer or hand warmer with a 6.000 mAh power bank and LED torch. Ideal for winter holidays, the handbag, the car and so on. The price of under 30 EUR is reasonable.

Update end

My conclusion

All three devices mentioned have received quite good ratings from Amazon customers. It should also be clear that you should take or order a corresponding charging cable for your smartphone, because the manufacturers cannot add something compatible for all devices.

The power bank function is available on all devices, but the customer reports show that you shouldn't expect too much here. For most cell phones it won't even be enough for half a battery charge and it should also charge much more slowly than on the original power supply units from the smartphone manufacturers. This is due to the lower power output that the hand warmers have.

Some customers also fail to understand that you cannot charge your smartphone and warm your hands at the same time. The reason for this, however, is very simple: If you split the power output of the hand warmers again and allow both functions at the same time, you would have a charger that is slow underground and a hand warmer that only manages 30 ° C. Not a satisfactory result. So you don't really want to have it. :)

My personal favorite is the Warmastone pocket warmer, which on the one hand has more battery power and on the other hand also generates greater heat. Since I can only put my hands in my pockets briefly between flights with the drone, the strong heating effect is particularly important to me. If you don't need that, you might also be happy with the other two models.

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16 Responses to “Best USB Cordless Pocket Warmers for Winter (Update 2020/2021)”

      1. Cross thinkers and

        Hi Sir Apfelot,

        I am also about to buy an electric pocket warmer and the Warmastone pocket oven is also my favorite. I would only be interested in whether the pocket oven can be unscrewed, as it is important to me to be able to replace the battery if necessary. The effort is usually not worth mentioning and the service life of the devices is extended many times over. In the pictures it looks more glued or plugged in, so I would be very grateful for first-hand information!

        1. Hello lateral thinkers!
          I can't tell you about this model either. I bought the hand warmer from CSL and it definitely has screws and can be opened. I was just wondering whether I would buy another one so that you can warm your hands in both pockets at the same time. :-)
          If you should buy the Warmastone pocket warmer, I would be interested to know whether it is screwed on.


          1. Thank you for the fast answer!
            I have now learned from Amazon that the Warmastone is screwed. I also found a video on YouTube that also shows screws on the back. The device in the video is called the Celestron Firecel and is apparently the same in green / olive.

            Best wishes!

  1. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    Winter 15/16 is over. Now it's winter again and I bought a hand warmer from ProIdee, order # 202-990.
    This hand warmer also offers mobile phone charging at level 0 and two heating levels. These should reach temperatures of up to 43 °.
    The text reads: [Unfortunately I had to delete the text - for copyright reasons]

    However, according to my findings, only temperatures of 32 to 35 ° are reached.
    I know that clear information about services is always accompanied by a few ????? are to be seen.
    What I am missing in your ratings and also in many other reviews (Amazon etc. pp) are clear, for this case, measured temperatures that are reached.

    My rating for the above hand warmer is that everything is actually OK except for the temperature information.
    With cold hands, all temperatures above the skin surface temperature are pleasant.
    For me, I measured around 23 ° with cold hands and around 28 ° with warm hands.
    I measured the temperatures with an infrared thermometer, which certainly also has deviations, but only has minor deviations in comparative measurements. Unfortunately, I don't have a calibrated one.
    Well, now I have written enough and I hope for many answers.
    Maybe you could update your informative report again and take the actual temperatures into account. Everyone feels warm, hot or very hot differently

    1. Hello Karl! Thanks for your comment! Yes, that's right ... you never know how warm things get. But to do a test, I would have to buy an infrared thermometer and shop all the interesting hand warmers. :) I don't have the budget this year, but maybe I can save it for next winter! :) Is definitely an interesting idea! LG!

    1. Hello Karl!
      Thanks for your tip! The temperature range is pretty blatant with this thing! Up to 900 ° C is really enough for hand warmers. ;)

  2. Hello Sir Apfelot, hello “hand warmer experts!”
    I'm a boules player and I play 3 times a week in almost any weather, even in winter
    A cordless hand warmer would be ideal.
    I already had a hand warmer with coal. That was crap!
    Who knows which hand warmers stay warm for 3-4 hours at an acceptable temperature?
    I didn't really find anything on the Internet.
    VG enzow

    1. Hello Enzow! You're lucky! Just a few days ago a new hand warmer was added:
      It has a running time of 4 hours (according to the description) and a total of 6000 mAh, which is quite a capacity for such a hand warmer. The others are closer to 2000-3000 mAh. So it could well get there with the 4h.
      If you want to be on the safe side, you can still use a power bank (like this one from AUKEY) and charge the USB hand warmer with it in between. Works great! And so you get even more runtime from the USB pocket warmers. ;)

  3. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    Thank you for the informations.
    I was looking for a device like this.
    Will order it for me today.

    1. Hello Enzow! I am pleased. I just ordered it too. Unfortunately available in a few days, but then I'll be happy to test it out and share my experiences here! ;)

  4. Hello for the info, have the Warmastone 3-in-1 hand warmer - scorching hot! bought through Amazon.
    Was only hand warm at 21 degrees room temperature and I'm looking for one that gets hot outside.

    1. Hello Walter! Thanks for the feedback. I still have that PEYOU hand warmthr given away 3 times this winter and tried it out for yourself. It felt like the warmest I've had so far. But of course at the highest level. You can test it out. VG! Jens

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