The casino on the smartphone: It's so easy to turn the iPhone into a virtual arcade! (affiliate content)

This article was created in cooperation with It's no longer a secret that online casinos are a wonderful way to pass the time and, with a bit of luck, even earn a nice sum of money. The industry is booming and game developers are working flat out to bring new colorful slots onto the market again and again, so that gambling is guaranteed not to be boring.

If you want to try it yourself, you should definitely make sure that you are playing with a reputable provider who does not make any false promises. For this purpose there is with the website a practical comparison site that sometimes reports critically and lists the advantages and disadvantages of the individual providers in detail.

While digital games were mainly played at home on the PC for a long time, most online casinos now also offer mobile apps so that they can access their offer at any time, regardless of location. This is also increasingly accepted and finds a growing fan base. But why is the whole thing so successful and what should users pay attention to?

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The digital casino compared to the analogue gambling house

If you compare online casinos with their competitors in German inner cities, they actually do better in many respects. And that is also the reason why many passionate gamers have shifted more to the net in recent years. First and foremost is the fact that gambling is possible around the clock without having to observe fixed opening times.

As a player, you can also do this comfortably from the couch at home, you don't have to travel to the game, which is otherwise associated with time and money, nor do you have to to a specific dress code respect, think highly of.

There is also no entry fee, as is normally charged at least by casinos. In addition, the selection of games on the net is many times larger, especially since it is easy to switch back and forth between several online casinos.

And even economically there is a lot in it for players in the online casino. On the one hand, the average payout quotas are in principle a bit higher here than in land-based gaming operations. This is simply due to the fact that network operators can get by with significantly lower fixed costs and can therefore distribute a larger share to their customers. On the other hand, almost all online casinos nowadays work with lucrative bonus systems.

Use the attractive bonuses

This includes a classic welcome bonus, which is intended to motivate new customers to open a player account on the respective site. Welcome bonuses come in different forms. While some providers simply provide a playing credit of, for example, 50 euros for the first top-up, others offer to double the first deposit made.

There are also loyalty bonus points and other customer loyalty programs that keep throwing out free spins and the like to keep the players on board. The resulting financial benefits can be quite affordable if you know how to use them cleverly.

Despite everything, it must be emphasized that it is a bit of a matter of type which type of gambling you feel more comfortable with. For example, the anonymity of online gambling is downright problematic for some when it comes to gambling addiction and they are better off among like-minded people who also keep an eye on each other to a certain extent. In general, casinos and arcades clearly score points for the social aspect, which unfortunately is completely lost when playing online slots. Anyone who goes to a land-based gambling operation is also looking for a connection there, spends a convivial evening among people and expands their circle of acquaintances. This aspect should certainly not be neglected, which is why local businesses will certainly continue to have their regular customers despite all the competition from the Internet.

Peculiarities of using mobile casino apps

We've long since gotten used to doing a lot of things on the go because there seems to be a practical mobile application for every need. We always carry our smartphones around in our trouser pockets anyway, so of course it makes sense for us to use them for our leisure time entertainment. It doesn't matter whether we use it to surf social networks, listen to exciting audio books or just pursue our passion for gaming.

The matching ones Apps were designed in such a way that the image quality is as good as possible and the user interface is customer-friendly and self-explanatory. In addition, the controls are programmed by clicking in such a way that they also function problem-free and purposefully on a mobile phone interface, without the possibility of typing errors. Since the online casino is primarily about digital slots, the whole thing works quite well on the comparatively small screen. However, some still prefer a tablet in order to be able to use the individual features more comfortably with a larger screen diagonal and to be able to enjoy a larger display.

As with all mobile apps, they have the great advantage that you can use them, for example, to bridge waiting times or the bus ride in an entertaining way. However, one should be aware that the use of digital games requires a certain volume of data due to the live display and that personal data may also be recorded or location queries may be carried out.

How to choose the right provider

When it comes to choosing a suitable online casino from a huge number, some quality criteria will help. This way you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable provider and that you will not go completely empty-handed if you win. You can first of all orient yourself by how clearly the website or the mobile app is laid out.

On the user interface, the option should appear to contact a German-speaking customer service via chat function or telephone hotline. In addition, the game and payout conditions must be communicated very transparently. It is also extremely important that there is high data encryption and secure payment methods such as PayPal or the use of Visa and Mastercard are offered.

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  1. phew Online casinos are really not good advertising partners - keyword gambling addiction. 😞

    It's not worth the money to give such a good blog for it.

    1. Hello Manuel! I agree with you in principle, but unfortunately the blog here not only costs a lot of time but also money and I have to see how I can get something in here and there.

      1. And that you do it through your main job isn't an alternative? So cross-financed from the income of the main job?

        I can kind of understand it when a large family has to get by with rising rents and living costs.
        But Casino is just run-of-the-mill mobile phone advertising for minors.

        1. Hello Manuela! I'm already doing that, but it's just not enough. But if things continue to go up, I might have reached the point in 2024 where I can do without such advertising partners.

      2. Hi Jens,

        I am very aware that you have to make money. I've been running a blog myself for 8 years, which is supposed to contribute to the livelihood. Of course, I also constantly receive dubious advertising offers, which I always reject. I do not advertise addictive substances of any kind, that are harmful to young people or that are discriminatory. Such advertising can not only deter readers, but also potential other advertising partners.

        1. Hello Manuel! I find the discussion interesting because there are also kids who are addicted to Fortnite, who are addicted to cell phones and sit in front of the iPad or TV all day. You're free to omit any of that from your blog, but perhaps each blogger can make their own choices.

          1. Gambling is a different story, isn't it?

            But please don't take my constructive criticism the wrong way. I wasn't rude.

          2. I didn't write anything unkind, did I? I think such discussions are always difficult on the internet. Things come across differently without a counterpart than if you were talking to each other directly. So: criticism arrived and I didn't want to be unfriendly.

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