Trick: Data recovery with Disk Drill Pro on the Mac for 10 euros instead of 100 euros

Disk Drill Pro via SetApp for 10 EUR

A few days ago my reader Bernd wrote me a message. Something obviously broke while writing to a USB memory stick and the USB stick was then unfortunately no longer readable by the Mac. After some research Bernd is on the software "Disk Drill” of which he downloaded the free “Basic” version onto his Mac. This shows what can be restored, but unfortunately only offers the functionality for this in the paid Pro version.

A very good sales argument: you put the filled bowl in front of the user's nose, but if he wants to strike, he has to throw in money. In case of Disk Drill Pro it is just under 100 euros that you have to shell out. However, this sales technique is common practice and from my point of view even advantageous for the customer, as you can already see whether you can even find the data that you want to restore.

With a little detour via the Setapp software subscription service, you can get the Pro version of Disk Drill for around 10% of the normal price.
With a little detour via the Setapp software subscription service, you can get the Pro version of Disk Drill for around 10% of the normal price.

Disk Drill Pro - a recommendation for Mac users

First of all: the tool Disk Drill is really worth the money and in this post I do not want to dissuade users from buying the software. It is a great program, especially for Mac users, as the current version also supports APFS volumes and thus even macOS Catalina or Mojave hard drives can repeat the data.

Reader's Note: Disk Drill does not appear to run on older systems running OS X High Sierra. Anyone who has Catalina, Mojave, Ventura and Sonoma running shouldn't have a problem, but anything below High Sierra will probably no longer be supported.

Contrary to the general trend towards subscription obligations, the developers of Disk Drill are taking a different approach: you purchase the software for 98 euros and can also book lifelong upgrades for an additional 32 euros. In this way, you have bought one of the leading software solutions for data recovery on the Mac for 130 euros and will receive every update that will come in the future at no additional cost. And of course, in addition to hard drives, Disk Drill can also process other data storage media such as USB sticks or memory cards of all kinds.

Here is another - unfortunately English - video of the software developers for Disk Drill:

The tip: Purchase Disk Drill Pro with a Setapp subscription

Since my reader Bernd only wanted to save some files from a USB stick, my recommendation was that he should go for the Register for a Setapp subscription. In this software subscription, which costs just under 10 euros per month, is the Pro version of Disk Drill and you can book the subscription monthly. In this way, you can use the data recovery software for a small amount for a good 4 weeks without having to buy the permanent pro version.

As a rule, you only need a data recovery tool once in your life or every few years, and then of course you are reluctant to spend a lot of money on it. Through the interaction of Disk Drill Pro and Setapp you can solve the matter much cheaper.

Setapp is extremely convenient when it comes to installing and uninstalling software. One click is enough to install the software via the Setapp app.
Setapp is extremely convenient when it comes to installing and uninstalling software. One click is enough to install the desired software via the Setapp app.

Setapp even has one grants a free trial period of 7 days, it would theoretically be possible to get the Pro version for free and then test the data recovery for 7 days. In practice, you shouldn't. On the one hand to support the software developers, but above all because Setapp has such an extremely good collection of apps for the Mac that you should stay with them for at least a month to test the bundle of over 160 Mac apps. It's really worth it.

Bernd’s conclusion

This time I leave the conclusion to this idea to my reader Bernd. I think I couldn't put it better:

Hello Jens, 1000 thanks for “Setapp” and the free DiskDrill Pro included in it - great class! I was now able to access the data from my striking USB stick and back it up without any problems! The software is sensationally good, but the data wasn't accidentally deleted, only the file system was probably damaged, so that the stick could no longer be mounted. And after reformatting it works again, wonderfully. And Setapp is really also tremendously interesting, amazing, what is there!

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6 comments on “Trick: Data recovery with Disk Drill Pro on Mac for 10 euros instead of 100 euros”

  1. Hi, what do I have to do to be able to use recovered photos again? DiscDrill has saved quite a bit (Pro). But it just seems to be an alias. Now, I'm not overly blessed with proficiency in English. Is there anything that speaks German somewhere that you can work with? Got high sierra.
    Best regards. Listen

    1. Hello listen! Unfortunately, I have no idea ... I don't know of any German-language software now. Possibly the one that is always included with the ScanDisk cards, but I forgot what it is called.

  2. Hi. I trusted the report and downloaded the two apps on my Mac and purchased the subscription. why does this still not work? You pay 10 euros to get an app that is already free. Unfortunately I still don't have the Pro version. So what could you do now?

    1. Hello Liridan! When I described this trick, Setapp had the Pro version and I think that is still the case now, because the description on Setapp (I just checked) says: Saves and restores any files. If it doesn't, you can either write to Setapp support to see if there's anything wrong or you can simply request your money back. But as I said: If it wasn't the Pro version, it wouldn't make sense to include this app in Setapp.

      Oh, important: Of course you have to install the Disk Drill app via Setapp and not download and install it yourself. Via Setapp you download a special version of the app that was created for Setapp.

  3. Dear Sir Apfelot!

    Disk Drill does not run on OS High Sierra! However, my iMac mid 2011 does not support a later OS version.

    This information would have been helpful in order to avoid a lot of unnecessary administrative effort when canceling the 7-day test phase (which is not possible online, although Setapp advertises this).

    You may want to incorporate this into your otherwise helpful article.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

    1. Hello Wolfgang! I wasn't aware of this when I wrote the article. I only know MacPaw support to be courteous when I had problems with billing. But I would be happy to include your note about High Sierra in the post. The system is now 7 years old, so it no longer played a role in my testing. My Mac is usually only one version behind. LG, Jens

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