Twotoo T2 - vacuum robot with 8.000 Pa suction power and wiping function

Three times more suction power than the average vacuum cleaner robot, 210 minutes battery life, laser navigation, wiping function, silicone brush for better absorption of animal hair, good cleaning of carpets - the following promises that and much more Twotoo T2 vacuum robot. Thanks to smart technology, this should not only create a room plan, but also recognize different pieces of furniture and determine an ideal cleaning route. Instead of the ones usually supplied by vacuum cleaner robots 2.000 to 3.000 Pa suction force the Twotoo model comes with a full 8.000 Pa. With this and the mopping function, the floor is really clean.

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Update 27.10.2021/170/31.10.2021: XNUMX EUR discount until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX

I just got an email from Twotoo. Currently you can order the 8000 Pa vacuum robot with a pretty decent discount. To do this, click once on the coupon on the product page, which deducts 110 euros. At the checkout you can still use this voucher code: 5GXNLOCQ

This gives you another 60 euros discount, which brings you to a total of 170 euros discount. Here is a screenshot that shows that it worked for me:

With the 170 euros discount, you can get the Twotoo T2 vacuum robot for only 429 euros (as of October 27.10.2021, XNUMX).

With the 170 euros discount, you can get the Twotoo T2 vacuum robot for only 429 euros (as of October 27.10.2021, XNUMX).


The Twotoo Bot T2 offers 8.000 Pa for powerful vacuuming, a wiping function with four levels, smart room and obstacle detection with various sensors and app operation.

The Twotoo Bot T2 offers 8.000 Pa for powerful vacuuming, a wiping function with four levels, smart room and obstacle detection with various sensors and app operation.

Twotoo T2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Here you will find an overview of the most important technical data of the Twotoo Bot T2 vacuum cleaner robot. With its smart navigation, the obstacle avoidance based on various sensors and the strong suction power, it should be the industry leader, according to the manufacturer. With the help of the individual specs you can get an idea for yourself:

  • Manufacturer: Twotoo
  • Model: T2
  • Device type: vacuum cleaner robot
  • Suction power: 8.000 Pa
  • Main brush: adjusts in height to the floor / obstacles so as not to scratch anything
  • Number of side brushes: one side brush
  • Wipe function: yes
  • Wiping levels: four different levels for different types of dirt
  • Scrubbing function: yes, up to 4.000 vibrations per minute
  • Sensors for environment recognition: double laser camera with LiDAR scanner, infrared sensors and 3D ToF technology for best obstacle avoidance, ultrasound for carpet detection
  • Smart object recognition: carpets, furniture, cables, loose obstacles such as clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Dirt detection: detects dirt in order to automatically adjust the suction and wiping force
  • Detection of high edges or stairs: yes, turn around instead of falling down
  • App control: yes, via the TWOTOO app
  • App options: setting the suction power, setting the wiping function, defining cleaning zones and no-go areas, creating schedules, operating the device by voice command, etc.
  • Nominal battery capacity: 6.200 mAh
  • Battery life: up to 210 minutes (3,5 hours)
  • Battery charging time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Price on Amazon: 599 euros

Functions of the Twotoo T2 vacuum and mopping robot

The manufacturer states that this robot vacuum cleaner has an AI with machine learning. In practice, this means that the various sensors and scanners are used to create a detailed room plan, to recognize carpets and obstacles and, last but not least, to adapt the cleaning staff to the respective conditions. The information can also be viewed via the app on the smartphone.

The app can still be used to select the various suction and wiping modes, set certain cleaning zones and control the device via voice inputs. As you can see on the Amazon page, the Twotoo Bot T2 can also be controlled by voice assistance, such as Alexa (via Echo devices). You can still set no-go zones via the app, e.g. B. where there are shoes or cables or loose decorative items.

Cables, shoes, carpets, furniture and other obstacles as well as free spaces that are too small are automatically detected by the vacuum robot using the various sensors, scanners and lasers. This smart obstacle detection not only ensures that the device is less irritating or hits walls, chair and table legs, but also that small objects, textiles etc. are not sucked in and can block the brush.

The technologies for the detection of different floors or their lack are also smart. At an edge, for example on a staircase, the Twotoo vacuum cleaner robot does not move on, but turns around. In this way, it can also vacuum independently on the upper floors and does not fall down. If it detects a carpet through ultrasonic sensors, the suction level is adjusted. The same applies to animal hair and dirt. With the latter, the wiping level is also adjusted.

Buy the Twotoo T2 vacuum robot with 8.000 Pa

As already shown above, you can buy the smart and powerful vacuum robot on Amazon. There you will also get more pictures, descriptions of individual functions and reviews from previous buyers. In addition, questions and answers are displayed that provide even more information. You can easily get to the Amazon product page of the Twotoo T2 with this link.

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