Usage: Mac app for recording program usage

Usage App for the Apple Mac (macOS 10.9 or higher) you can record your program usage to see how much time you devote to which software. If you're on a Mac or MacBook works, then you can record your working hours in Word, Excel, Lightroom, Photoshop, Affinity Photo or whatever else you use. Or you can use the app to reduce distractions and see how much time you spend playing games etc. every day. There are many starting points for using Usage.

Usage app download

Usage download for Mac, MacBook and iMac

Since last week, more precisely since May 19, 2017, the latest version of the Usage app for Mac has been available for download. If you want to record the program usage under macOS 10.9 or a newer Apple operating system with Usage, then you can open the app on download. There you will also get information about the development and update history and others Apps for Apple operating systems.

Screenshot of the app. Source: Developer / Download Page

The cool thing about the app: You don't have to call it up with several clicks or place it on your desk; it is displayed directly as a status menu symbol on the menu bar. So you always have direct access to Usage.

Cheatsheet: Another useful app

 The website where you can find the Usage Download takes its name from the Cheatsheet App. Cheatsheet means something like "cheat sheet" - and you get one with the software. Once you've installed it and hold down the ⌘ button for a few seconds, you will get an overview (a cheat sheet) of the individual key combinations in which the ⌘ button is involved.

Other programs on the site are DynaMite 3 for appointment and day planning directly via the menu bar, timing 3 for the clear recording of working hours, and Grand Total 4 for writing offers and invoices on the Mac. Overall, all Mac apps that you can find on the site as a free download are intended for a more effective workflow on the Apple computer. Cool thing!

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