USB mouse mover (Mouse Jiggler) simulates small mouse movements

USB mouse mover

I admit to having GAD. A so-called Gear Acquisition Syndrome... an exaggerated (pathological?) urge to buy technical equipment whose practical application is often questionable. The good thing is that I can write about things here on the blog and then say to myself that it wasn't completely useless.

Today it's about this little USBV plug: a mouse mover that is always waiting in my hub to be used (photos: Sir Apfelot).
Today it's about this little USBV plug: a mouse mover that is always waiting in my hub to be used (photos: Sir Apfelot).

Today’s post is about a “Mouse Jiggler” or mouse mover, as I would translate it in German. The device (Here is the Amazon link to the product) serves me so well that I give it the title “Pick of the Week”. Never heard of a mouse mover? No problem, we can change that now.

6,00 EUR
VAYDEER Mouse Jiggler USB Mouse Mover with ON/OFF switch and 3 modes. Driver-free mouse mover,...
  • 【100% undetectable】 When this mouse jiggler is connected to a computer, it acts as a normal mouse ...
  • 【Multitrack and memory function】 This mouse mover supports multitrack, which means that the cursor ...
  • 【With ON/OFF button and super mini size】The ON/OFF switch design makes it easy to turn on and off. It...

What is a mouse mover anyway?

A mouse mover is a technical device that creates mouse movements on the computer. To achieve this, there are basically three solutions:

  1. You use a small program that moves the mouse pointer (software solution).
  2. You use a plate that you place the mouse on and then has a movable top that moves and simulates that the mouse is moving (hardware solution).
  3. You use a small USB plug in which electronics are built in that pretend to be a mouse and generate small movements electronically (hardware solution).

My solution is the USB plug that I ordered from Amazon a few months ago. I will describe later why this is the best solution in my opinion.

I have the Vaydeer USB mouse mover, but any other one that doesn't require a driver will work too.
I have the Vaydeer USB mouse mover, but any other one that doesn't require a driver will work too.

Why do you need a mouse mover?

This is a question that some people are probably asking themselves. In principle, you can use the device to pretend that a person is working on a computer. This in turn can be helpful for various things:

  • The screen saver doesn't start.
  • The computer does not go to sleep.
  • You remain “present” in Microsoft Teams.
  • For paranoid employers who want to monitor their employees working from home, you can show that you are “working”.

I use the mouse mover because my Mac uploads our YouTube videos more slowly when it is in sleep mode. Something happens in the background, but it definitely works faster when the Mac is “awake”.

But there are apps like Caffeine and Theine?

Yes, of course there are software solutions like Caffeine, Caffeinated and Theine that also simulate mouse movements and thus prevent the Mac from going to sleep, but they are simply not as robust as the USB plug.

I started Caffeine on macOS Sonoma and got the message that I needed a new version of the software because mine doesn't work with the current macOS. If you would like to use an app like this, I can Theine by Martin Lexow recommend. He makes very practical, elegant and thoughtful apps and Theine is one of them.

The Theine app is recommended if you want to temporarily prevent the hibernation state using software.
The Theine app is recommended if you want to prevent the hibernation mode for a short time using software.

The USB plug is much more practical: it's always running, you can switch it on and off with a button and you don't even have to install a driver. This means that it also runs on computers on which you do not have admin rights and therefore cannot install any apps.

Do you also have a tip or a device that I should take a look at because it is practical but no one knows about it? Then please leave me a comment.

Frequently asked questions about the Mouse Jiggler

Since there are always a few questions from readers, I would like to briefly list and answer them here.

Does the Mouse Jiggler from VAYDEER also work if you don't have an admin password for the Macbook Pro?

Yes, the Mousejiggler also works without an admin password. There is no driver to install and so for the Mac it is just any mouse that carries out the movements.

What is a USB mouse mover (Mouse Jiggler)?

A USB mouse mover is a device that plugs into the computer and simulates small mouse movements to keep the computer active.

How does a USB mouse mover work?

There are hardware versions that plug directly into the USB port and software versions that run in the background.

Why should you use a USB mouse mover?

To prevent the screen saver from starting or the computer from going to sleep, particularly useful in situations where continuous activity is required.

Can USB mouse movers be used on any computer?

Yes, they are usually designed to work without special drivers and therefore work on most operating systems.

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  1. I also have an HDMI dummy at the start because some Raspi and Linux boxes without a monitor do not provide an image on the RustDesk if no monitor is connected.

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