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The Waipu.tv app is a great way to get on iPhone, iPad, Apple TVto watch TV on various smart TVs and other devices. In addition to over 100 channels from all over the world, some in HD, there are also numerous additional offers. For example, the VoD content from Brainpool TV GmbH, which is known under the brand name “MySpass”, can be viewed via Waipu. There is also the Internet television station "Rocket Beans TV" from Hamburg in the Waipu.tv app. The discounted combination with Netflix is ​​also possible. You can read here what offers are available, what they contain and where the costs are.

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Waipu.tv app - channels, VoD content, costs and voucher offers can be found here. You can also save if you book the bundle with Waipu and Netflix.
Waipu.tv app - channels, VoD content, costs and voucher offers can be found here. You can also save if you book the bundle with Waipu and Netflix.

What does the Waipu.tv app cost?

If you want to put Waipu TV to the test and see whether the offer is something for you, then you should use the "Perfect Plus" offer. Because this is free for the first month, but offers all 162 channels, 138 of them in HD. There is also 100 hours of recording memory and you can use the offer on up to 4 devices at the same time. In addition, this package - like all others - can be canceled on a monthly basis. If you like it after the first free month, you can use it for € 12,99 per month. But there is also the “Comfort” and the “Perfect Plus Netflix” offer. Here is the comparison of the Waipu subscriptions:


Waipu.tv Comfort Waipu.tv Perfect Plus Waipu.tv Perfect Plus Netflix
Sender 114 (no pay TV) 162, 138 in HD 162, 138 in HD
Recording memory 50h 100h 100h
Use devices at the same time 2 4 4 + 1
Pause function ja ja ja
Restart function no ja ja
price per month 5,99 € 12,99 € € 19,49 to € 29,49, depending on the Netflix tariff
Link to the offers Click here Click here

Save money with the Waipu.tv vouchers on Amazon

If the Waipu.tv app costs are too high for you, you can push them with various voucher and discount offers. There is a wide selection on Amazon. For example, there is the option of buying an annual credit for which 33% or 50% of the price is waived, depending on the offer. Since these offers are sometimes limited in time or change in other ways, I am not linking you to individual product pages at this point, but a list of search results. There you will always find the latest Waipu discounts and Waipu vouchers.

Offer: Waipu.tv and Netflix cheaper in a bundle

As you have already seen in the table above, Waipu TV not only offers its own subscription models, but also combination subscriptions with Netflix. This includes the “Perfect Plus” package from Waipu.tv as well as the Netflix subscription you selected. Here are the differences, which are then also reflected in the price:

  • Netflix with SD quality and a maximum of 1 stream at a time: € 19,49
  • Netflix with Full HD quality and a maximum of 2 streams at the same time: € 24,49
  • Netflix with UHD quality (4K resolution) and a maximum of 4 streams at the same time: 29,49 €

All three options save 1,49 euros per month compared to booking both offers individually. That adds up to 17,88 euros per year. So if you want to watch all possible TV channels and video-on-demand channels as well as Netflix with its films, series and documentaries, the combination is definitely worth it. 

What channels and content are there in the Waipu.tv app?

But which stations are we actually talking about? As far as free TV is concerned, the public broadcasters are of course there, i.e. ARD, ZDF, WDR, MDR, NDR, BR, SR and so on. It also includes 3sat, KIKA, Nick, Welt der Wunder, Tele 5 and more. In addition, there are private channels such as ProSieben, Sat1, VOX, Kabel1, RTL, RTL II, Super RTL, Nitro, 7Maxx, DMAX, SIXX, etc. Sky Sport News and Sport 1 are also included for sports fans.

If you look at the Pay TV overview, you will find things like SyFy, 13th Street, TNT Series, TNT Film, TNT Comedy, Arthouse CNMA, Kinowelt Television, 7Fun, Kabel1 Classics, Home of Horror, History Channel, Sat1 Emotions, Wetter.com, Spiegel TV Wissen, Spiegel Geschichte, Docu Box and a few more. Cinema, films, series, comedy and documentaries are represented here in abundance.

The range in the New TV and VoD area is also extensive. Here, too, there are many cinema offers that cineastes can occupy themselves with for hours. Gaming content is also available from Gronkh or Rocket Beans TV. In addition to gaming, the latter also offers a lot in terms of general entertainment, shows and interactive things. Focus TV, various children's and also outdoor content are also offered here.

Canceling Waipu - how does it work?

Are you not satisfied after your Waipu.tv test, i.e. the first free month, and want to cancel your subscription? Or did you use a waipu discount from Amazon that is about to expire? Then you can of course take advantage of the fact that the individual packages of the Waipu.tv app can be canceled on a monthly basis. Depending on how you booked, the procedure is different:

  • Cancel the Waipu.tv package: Register on the website and then cancel in the account / subscription management at the next possible date. You will then receive a confirmation by email.
  • Cancel an Amazon package: Click on “My Subscriptions” in the Amazon customer area and deactivate “automatic renewal” for the Waipu subscription.
  • iTunes / App Store: Maneuver to the subscriptions on the Mac, iPhone or iPad in the settings or in the App Store, select Waipu.tv there and click / tap "Cancel subscription".

Waipu review - how good is the service?

How good is Waipu and can you recommend the Waipu.tv app? Various sources can be used to answer this question. A look at the Apple App Store shows a rating of 4,6 / 5 stars. Many of the 5-star reviewers express their enthusiasm. With fewer stars there are also points of criticism, e.g. B. on functions that are not included.

The Waipu.tv app in the Google Play Store for Android is rated still good, but not that great. There it comes to 4,2 / 5 stars. The statements about functionality on different devices and the quality of the streams offered vary. It should be noted that a lot is covered here, from cheap smartphones to luxury smart TVs.

Of course, there are other review mechanisms and sites, such as Trustpilot. It looks worse there, because only 18% of the votes are “excellent”, 8% are “good” and 3% are “acceptable”. However, some of the many “unsatisfactory” ratings complain about the debiting of amounts after the trial month. It should be clear that this must be actively terminated. Therefore, the overall rating should be treated with caution here.

Conclusion on the Waipu.tv app and the Waipu offer

The Waipu.tv app and the offer it contains seems to me - especially on Apple devices - to be a good replacement for cable TV, a satellite system or similar things. With a correspondingly powerful Internet line, many channels can be streamed in HD. You can save 1,49 euros per month if you book Netflix in a bundle. You can also push the price down by using discount offers and vouchers from Amazon. You can find a selection with the link above. But above all there is the trial month with which you can test Waipu. Have you already done that? Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences :)

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  1. For O2 customers (DSL or mobile) there is currently an offer for O2 TV (powered by Waipu) free of charge for 6 months and then 4,99 - apparently that depends on the individual customer status (?!?) - I will ' get me that soon, before the offer is over… .. 😇

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