Buy watch batteries - the most popular models and manufacturers

Watch batteries for the common models and manufacturers

The term “watch battery” basically means a standard button cell that is built into the wristwatch. You can quickly see why these batteries are called “button cells” by their flat and round design. Most wristwatches use such button cells as batteries, as their flat design does not unnecessarily increase the thickness of the watch. In addition, the batteries offer a long service life, which is guaranteed by the chemical composition of the cell.

Watch batteries - This is where you can find the right button cell for your watch.
Watch batteries - This is where you can find the right button cell for your watch.

Advantages: Low self-discharge and permanently high voltage

The two main reasons why button cells like that in watches SR6262SW are installed, is the very low self-discharge of the cells and the constant output voltage, which remains for years. With many Batteries the cell voltage decreases right at the beginning of use and thus continues to decrease over the period of use. In the case of watch batteries, the voltage only drops towards the end of their service life. This ensures that the clock is “accurate” for as long as possible.

What type of battery do I need?

Making a list of the watch models and the matching watch battery would go beyond the scope of my possibilities. Nevertheless, I am happy to offer my advice here when it comes to finding the right button cell. To find the right battery, it would be very good if you could tell me the exact name of the old battery. With this I can usually find a button cell of the same construction that fits into the watch. The exact name of the watch model would also help me with my research.

What battery do I need for my watch?
What battery do I need for my watch?

The most common button cells for watches

There are some types of batteries that are particularly common in watches from Seiko, Casio, Citizen, Esprit, Swatch or Timex. These are usually found in button cell sets that contain a selection of frequently used button cells.

Here is a selection of frequently used button cells with a direct link to Amazon to order there:

AG0 / LR63 / LR521 SR41 SR920SW
AG1 / LR60 / LR621 SR43 SR626SW
AG2 / LR59 / LR726 SR44 SR621SW
AG3 / LR41 / LR736 SR45 SR927SW
AG4 / LR66 / LR626 SR54 SR521SW
AG5 / LR48 / LR754 SR55 SR41SW
AG8/LR55/LR1120/V8GA SR57
AG9 / LR45 / LR936 SR58
AG10/LR54/LR1130/V10GA SR60
AG11 / LR58 / LR721 SR66
AG12/LR43/LR1142/V12GA SR69
AG13 / LR44 / LR1154 / V13GA

Button cell sets for various devices

In my opinion, a good option for the household is button cell sets, which contain many different types of batteries. I have bought sets of this kind several times and have been able to equip my kitchen scales as well as my car key and a remote control with them without any problems. It also includes button cells for wristwatches, but since I use an Apple Watch, I don't need them for my watch. But here are a few sets for you and the types of batteries they contain:

0,99 EUR
HyCell button cell set
  • Economy set The high-quality button batteries convince with an excellent price-performance ratio / The ...
  • 24 high quality battery button cells 2 pieces each of CR1620 CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 AG3 / LR41 AG12 / LR43 AG13 / LR44 AG4 / LR626 ...
  • Quality With their particularly high quality, the HyCell battery lithium button cells are perfect for ...
Clock battery set from tka Köbele battery technology
This set contains 30 button cells - mixed from the following types: 3x LR43, LR1130 and 6x LR41, LR44, LR621, LR626 each.

No products found.

Tip: watch tool set for household use

Opening and closing the watch cover and replacing the battery can be very fiddly without the right tools. For this reason, here is a recommendation for a cheap but good watchmaker's set that also helps if you want to shorten the bracelet:

Watchmaker tool set
This set contains: x nylon bag, 1 x case holder, 1 x three-point opener, horizontally up to approx. 3,2 cm, vertically up to approx. 3,8 cm, 1 x box with 18 inserts, 1 x case opener or knife, 1 x spring bar cutlery, 1 x watchmaker's tweezers, 1 x case opener (screwable up to 56mm), 1 x case closer + 12 plastic plates, 3 x slotted screwdrivers, 3 x pin ejectors, 1 x pin extractor, 360 spring bars, 8-25mm, 20 pieces per size, pressure plates: 18/20 , 21/23, 24/26, 28/30, 31/32, 33/34, 36/38, 40/42, 43/45, 48/50 + 2 special shapes

I have a little recommendation for people who would like to read more: Here I have recorded in an article where the technical differences between the CR2032, CR2025 and CR2016 batteries lie.

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