Website usability: an important factor in search engine optimization (SEO)

As an SEO specialist, I often see with my clients' websites that user-friendliness was overlooked when creating them. They then ask me if there isn't a Google trick that the competition knows about and that we need to discover. But in addition to all other on-page and off-page optimizations, website usability also plays a role in the ranking. The website must be easy to use and logically structured - on the computer as well as on the tablet and smartphone screen. Google values ​​this and rewards it with a good search result ranking. 

Google rewards website usability with a better placement of the website in the search results. This is why the topic is important in search engine optimization (SEO).
Google rewards website usability with a better placement of the website in the search results. This is why the topic is important in search engine optimization (SEO).

A critical eye for more website usability and SEO

If you run a website, a shop, a blog or the like, you also have to take a look from the outside. The critical view in the role of the user must be used to find weaknesses in the design, structure and design of the site. There are even companies - such as the Online marketing agency - who specifically offer this service to improve website usability and thus search engine optimization. Among other things, these points are examined and improved:

  • Loading time: The faster a website is finished loading, the better
  • Interactivity: Subpages and posts should load quickly and with the first click
  • Visual stability: There should be no problems with the display on large and small displays / in larger or smaller browser windows
  • Display on mobile devices: A special, user-friendly mobile design for iPhone and Android devices should be available
  • HTTPS: If the connection is encrypted, then it is more secure and therefore more trustworthy

Is it really that important to search engine optimization?

In 2019, it was still puzzled whether and to what extent Google would include the above-described points of criticism in the evaluation of websites. Up until then, it was mainly known that regular, optimized content on the website helps. High-quality backlinks as well as contact and support options were also identified as helpful elements. With regard to the user experience, for example at this point philosophized at Sistrix almost two years ago.

Meanwhile, however, I have realized that the user experience and the website usability belong to the "core update" mentioned in the article. Google shows that all in one Document for developers from May 2020 to. This explains the whole thing as a Page Experience, and the points listed above are also included. Another important point in the Google list is "No Intrusive Interstitials", meaning that full-page transitions are not welcome while viewing the page. According to the summary of the Google document, the goal is to "make the web better".

Conclusion on the topic

If you want to improve the ranking of your website in search results, there are no magic tricks or secrets. There is only a long one SEO checklistthat you have to work through. And even if you have to adapt the website to a certain standard, individual content can be placed on page 1 of the Google web search. In addition to SEO-optimized texts, backlinks on high-quality websites, fast loading times and contact options, the efforts - as we now know - also include user-friendliness. This includes z. B. the effortless use on the smartphone display. Good luck with the implementation;)

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