What is rapportd and why is this process running on my Mac?

Do you have this when using your Apple Mac? Activity indicator or found the process rapportd through a message from the network monitoring? Then you might be wondering what this background process in macOS is all about. I can reassure you: it is save malicious software. Instead it is a Daemon, which is used for the communication of Apple devices - e.g. B. between Mac and iPhone – is used. Below you will find further information about the rapportd process on the Mac.

The rapportd process in Activity Monitor on macOS Sonoma.
The rapportd process in Activity Monitor on macOS Sonoma.

The rapportd process on the Mac: Handoff and other device communication

The macOS rapportd background process is the Report Daemon. In addition to the rapport or report meaning of the name, when translated from English it also stands for “connection” or “relationship”. This daemon takes care of connecting Apple devices, for example with handoff tasks or managing calls. If, for example, a call comes in on the iPhone, the Mac rings and you answer the call on the same, then the rapportd process makes this possible.

What is Handoff on Apple devices?

Handoff is a technology that allows tasks to be started on one device and then continued pretty seamlessly on the other device. Thanks to the iCloud connection of the devices, the necessary data is automatically synchronized, so that you can, for example: B. can finish writing and sending an email started on the iPhone on the Mac. This also works with other Apple apps, such as Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Pages, Numbers, etc. More about this in Apple's handoff instructions: Mac / iPhone.

Conclusion: An important process for convenient networking

Anyone who uses multiple Apple devices and creates, edits and uses content here and there will not want to miss the rapportd background process of macOS, iOS and Co. Handoff and similar networking of Apple devices make convenient cross-device work possible. This means you don't have to email yourself documents, project files, contact details and the like, transfer them via cable or send them via AirDrop. Because they are already there.

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