What is the value of KDA in gaming?

The abbreviation "KDA" stands for "Kill Death Assist" in gaming and is a statistical measure in many online computer games, especially in multiplayer shooters. It tells how many enemies a player has killed, how many times they have died, and how many times they have helped other players kill enemies.

A high KDA rate indicates a player is a strong fighter, while a low KDA rate means the player dies more often or kills less than other players.

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Gamers who want to compare themselves with other players usually use the KDA value (Photo Olichel / Pixabay).

How the KDA is calculated in different games

The calculation and meaning of KDA in gaming can vary greatly from game to game. Some of the most popular games using KDA as a metric include League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Dota 2.

  • League of Legends: In League of Legends, KDA is calculated as the sum of a player's kills, assists, and creep scores (minions and monsters killed) divided by the number of deaths. A high KDA score is considered a sign of a player's skill and competitiveness.
  • Fortnite: In Fortnite, KDA is calculated as the sum of a player's kills divided by the number of deaths. Assists are not included in the calculation as they are not tracked in-game.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive: In CS:GO, KDA is calculated as the sum of a player's kills divided by the number of deaths. Assists are not included in the calculation.
  • Overwatch: In Overwatch, KDA is calculated as the sum of a player's kills and assists divided by the number of deaths. Objective kills or healing are not included in the calculation as they are counted separately.
  • Apex Legends: In Apex Legends, KDA is calculated as the sum of a player's kills divided by the number of deaths. Assistance is not taken into account in the calculation.

It is important to know that the calculation and meaning of the KDA can vary greatly from game to game. In some games, like League of Legends, KDA is an important metric used to evaluate a player's performance. In others, like Fortnite, it's less important and used more as a general measure of success.

KDA value for gamers

These are good KDA values ​​for gaming

A good KDA value depends on various factors, including the style of play, the type of game, and the playing conditions. In general, a KDA ratio of 3 or higher is considered very good, with a ratio of 5 or higher being considered very excellent.

A KDA ratio of 2 or lower can be considered poor, but it's important to note that a low KDA does not necessarily indicate poor play. For example, a player may have many assists but few kills, resulting in a lower KDA ratio. It is important to look at KDA in the context of other factors to get a fuller picture.

There are also some top players who have KDAs of 11 or higher. But these are definitely exceptions.

Improving KDA – top tips

If you want to improve your KDA, there are some strategies you can use to increase your chances of success.

The Strategies

Map knowledge: Knowing the map's layout, including common hideouts and flanking routes, will help you avoid death and find targets to kill.

Weapon Mastery: If you practice with different weapons and find the weapons that suit your playstyle, you can get more kills.

Positioning: Knowing when to advance and when to retreat can mean the difference between life and death. Try to position yourself so that you have as much sight as possible and the enemy as little as possible.

Game understanding: If you understand the flow of the game and can anticipate your opponent's moves, you can give them a head start and avoid ambushes.

Balance between offense and defense: Finding a balance between offensive and defensive play is important to improve your KDA. Going all out on offense can result in a quick death while playing too passively, reducing your chances of getting kills. Try to find a balance that works for you and your team.

Communication and teamwork: Finally, communication and teamwork are key to improving your KDA. Coordinating with your team allows you to spot and eliminate enemies more efficiently, and reporting enemy positions and movements allows your team to avoid danger and take control of the battlefield.

In summary, you can improve your KDA through a combination of game understanding, weapon mastery, positioning, and teamwork. By using these strategies and finding a balance between offense and defense, you can increase your chances of success and improve your KDA.

When playing Counterstrike, KDA is an interesting metric, but - to my knowledge - it misses out on the "Assist" section.
When playing Counterstrike, KDA is an interesting metric that, to my knowledge, misses out on the Assist area.

In which games is the KDA scored?

KDA is used in many online computer games, especially multiplayer shooters. Here are some examples of games where KDA plays an important role:

  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Overwatch
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • Dota 2

It's important to note that not all games provide KDA as an important statistic. Some games focus on other metrics instead, such as: B. the player index or the progress of the player.

Tip: Display KDA via LED matrix in the stream

If you present yourself as a player via a TikTok or YouTube stream while gambling, you might also want to show your KDA in the video image. You can do that with an LED matrix – specifically, for example, with the Divoom Pixoo 64, which provides 64 by 64 pixels and offers various designs and display options in the app.

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