Wordpress Update 3.5: HTTP error on image upload is killing me…

Wordpress is a great system, but Wordpress can also be tricky sometimes... don't kid yourself. And above all: Backup BEFORE the update!

Hardly is the problem with that on a blog empty post editor fixed, I already have the next crap on my cheek. Ok, I admit that it's my mistake not to make a backup BEFORE the update, but I've been doing this for years and so far the WordPress updates (at least the ones that didn't make complete version jumps) were installed without much trouble. Usually one or the other plugin got stuck, which was then deactivated until the programmer adapted it to the new version, but today my Wordpress crashed.

Strictly speaking, the image upload function. I've just (almost) finished a new post and just wanted to quickly upload the JPG for it, and here it comes, the HTTP error. When uploading. Wordpress apparently uploads the file, but then has problems resizing the photo – in any case, the 150×150 pixel preview is missing later. My first idea that it probably has something to do with a lack of memory was not confirmed, because I increased it to 128MB via htaccess and my plugin, which ejects the required memory from PHP in the admin, reports that it “only” needs 81 MB. Nevertheless: I tried different images, changed the sizes (also to file sizes of only 30kb) and so on. WordPress sticks with it: “HTTP error” is its output. :-(

Now the whole litany starts with the plugins and themes: set the default theme, then try again. Then all plugins out, try again ... I'm looking forward to it.

If I know what's the problem, I'll report it and maybe shorten the troubleshooting time for other "victims".

Update 31.12.2012: Plugin is responsible for the error

(Update on the update: It wasn't the plugin! Please read below!) After turning all my plugins on and off one by one and then trying to upload a photo, I was able to identify a plugin that is definitely involved in the "botch". It's the plugin AmazonSimpleAdmin - which I personally like to use, find it extremely practical and under no circumstances want to miss! I have already written to Timo (the programmer) and hope for an update. Until then, the solution will be to always deactivate the plugin when I want to upload an image.

Update January 03.01.2013rd, XNUMX: Uploading via media library does not help either ...

Today I got the tip from a visitor to upload the photo via the admin point “Mediathek” and not in the post editor. That would have helped him. I just tried it, but the HTTP error still comes up:

Even when uploading via the media library, my Wordpress throws out the HTTP error during upload.

In the meantime, Timo has received feedback that he would like to have a look at his plugin AmazonSimplePlugin for my bug report. But I'm the only one who has problems with the plugin and WP 3.5 right now. That surprised me a bit ... :(

Update 8.1.2013: Problem solved!

I was just able to solve the problem with the media library upload with the all-inclusive support. I can really only recommend this hoster. All-inclusive offers cheap hosting that works perfectly with Wordpress and the support responds quickly even at night (my inquiries today were answered within minutes!). And with a test access to my WP admin, the support was even able to understand the problem and wrote me what the problem was.

Here is the solution: Months ago I made an entry in the root directory to run PHP in CGI mode. This means that the Wordpress updates work without entering the FTP access data. But now this entry is the problem. The line in the htaccess file was:
AddHandler php5-cgi .php
This was taken out and then the write access to the folder wp-content / uploads was given. That resolved the matter. Now everything works and I can diligently upload files and blog again! Thanks all-inclusive! :)



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14 Responses to “Wordpress Update 3.5: HTTP error when uploading images is killing me…”

  1. Have you tried to upload the photo in general to the gallery of your blog and then from there to integrate it specifically into the article? That has avoided all errors that occurred for me ...

    1. Hello! Yes, I just tried it again, but the same error (see update above!). Nevertheless, thanks for the creative suggestion. :)

  2. Hello! Happy New! It should work with PHP 5.3. However, with PHP 5.4 it always throws this error. Hell ask me why. So much for “We want the best security for our users”… ;-)

    1. Hello Fernando! I once sent your comment to the support at all-inkl.com. Let's see if there is WP 5.4 at the start. I would be happy if I finally got rid of the error. On another blog, I can also deactivate the AmazonSimpleAdmin plugin and still get the error. So there seems to be another plugin involved ...

  3. Hi
    I suddenly have the same problem with Wordpress. Unfortunately I'm not a professional and I don't know where to change the files. So where is this “root directory” and where the htaccess file is located. Does this have to do with Wordpress or do I need to fix this on my web server (strato)? Many thanks for the step-by-step help... Eysken

    1. Hello Eysken! So if you have no idea about htaccess and the root directory, then this file shouldn't be there with you, because you should have created it yourself. I can hardly say what's wrong with you, because I'm not with Strato and every hoster has its own peculiarities. I would have to try it out myself to be able to say something. LG! Jens

      1. Out of curiosity I tried to edit my homepage not with Firefox but with Chrome and the error was gone. I was able to upload all pictures in their original size. Strange but true and lucky. Of course, it doesn't solve the original problem, but it helped me in the short term. Thank you for your answers.

        1. Hi! It could be that you still have an old Javascript in the cache. If you clear the cache, restart Firefox and then try again, it might work. I wish you success!

  4. It was with me too. Thanks for this tip. I had tried almost everything by the time I landed on your blog. It's great that you passed on your experience.

  5. Hi there,

    I just chatted with my provider (webgo24). The problem seems to be known there too, and they were able to help me relatively quickly.

    However, according to the support, it was due to the memory_limit, which was only set to 64M for me. Apparently Wordpress now consumes more.

    As a goodwill gesture, I was converted free of charge.

    Maybe this will help someone;)


  6. Hi
    I sometimes also have the problem, but it is not due to one of the problems described above, but much more simply to the browser / Flash.

    With another browser it works without problems or even easier:

    “You are using the multi-file uploader. Having trouble? Then use the Browser Uploader instead.”

    with the old standard “1 file per upload” it works without any problems. Only the "Multifileupplaoder" causes problems here, which I believe runs with Flash.

    Greetings Matthias :)

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