WWDC22 Keynote: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS Ventura and M2

Tonight Apple opened WWDC22 with a keynote. The presentation not only brought new things for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. A few rumors have also been confirmed - for example, that there will soon be freely resizable app windows on the iPad. Added to this is the "M2" as the second generation of the Apple silicon. With this, a model of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro have been presented again. You can find out more about the new systems, the new M2 chip and the new laptops in this issue Apple WWDC22 Keynote Summary. More details will follow in the coming days.

Opening by Tim Cook

Traditionally, this pre-recorded keynote was also opened by Apple CEO Tim Cook. He not only pointed out the new Developer Center, which is intended to be a contact point for developers across from Apple Park. But also on the meanwhile 17 developer academies, which are operated worldwide. With the on-site facilities as well as with the digital tools and last but not least with the WWDC 2022, the 34 million developers who code for Apple platforms are to be supported. After this introduction, we went to the first big topic: iOS.

iOS 16 – New Features, Safety Check, HomeKit, CarPlay, etc.

The new iPhone operating system iOS 16 brings several improvements and innovations. In order not to overwhelm the following with expansive continuous text, I present the individual features shown in a list:

  • New lock screen: The time can be placed in the background of the image and the font and color can be adjusted. There are also widgets for temperature / weather, fitness activity rings, calendar, etc. (developers can put their content on the lock screen via WidgetKit).
  • Extension of "Focus": You can now focus on photos, widgets, messages and other content so that only the content relevant to work or play is visible. Tabs in Safari can also be hidden, e.g. B. Separating private life from work. Developers can enable their own focus settings in their apps via API.
  • News: Messages can be edited and deleted, and chats can be marked as unread. New ways to collaborate and SharePlay are also coming to the Messages app.
  • There is one now Shared With You API for developers and SharePlay can be selected faster in FaceTime starting with iOS 16.
  • While using the dictation function the keyboard remains visible so that you can quickly switch between dictating and typing. Highlighted text can easily be replaced by dictation. Furthermore, punctuation marks are set automatically and emojis can be announced.
  • The functions of Live text are also available for videos from iOS 16, for example to copy / translate text from a paused video.
  • People, animals and objects can now be clipped and edited using native means used separately from the background . 
  • The Sharing keys from the wallet is now possible via messages, among other things.
  • Apple Pay: after "Tap to Pay" for payments from iPhone to iPhone, now comes "Apple Pay Later" as an installment model with four payments over six weeks - without interest or fees. Orders can be tracked and invoices retrieved via "Apple Pay Order Tracking".
  • Cards: Not only does the new version appear in eleven other countries, but a route with up to 15 stops can also be set up using "Multistop Routing". In addition, the travel costs for public transport can be displayed and tickets can be paid for directly via wallet. Map features can also be integrated into your own apps via API.
  • The fitness app comes to the iPhone, even if you don't use an Apple Watch.
  • Spotlight is displayed on the home screen (Guide: Use Spotlight up to iOS 15).
  • Even more: Apple TV app brings sports results to the lock screen, you can follow your favorite teams in Apple News, family sharing becomes easier – e.g. B. with regard to setting up new devices for children, iCloud Shared Photos provides a common cloud folder for photos (e.g. from family vacations, etc.). "Spacial Audio" profiles for AirPods can be created. And: Quick Note is coming to the iPhone.

Safety check on iOS 16

The safety check is used e.g. B. under iOS 16 to check and, if necessary, reset the sharing of the location, app and website access and other data. As part of the WWDC22 keynote, this feature was also and especially presented to victims of abusive relationships. With Safety Check, it is possible to determine at a glance who is receiving or has access to data. Violent individuals can be quickly removed from the list so that one can escape to safety without fear of being followed. With the "Emergency Reset" you can reset all releases quickly and easily so that you don't have to search through all the settings. More on the subject: What is stalker ware?

Home App / HomeKit coming soon with Matter

Matter was presented more than a year ago as a new, cross-manufacturer and cross-platform standard for the smart home: Matter - Smart Home Standard of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Now Apple has gone into this again in the WWDC22 keynote with regard to HomeKit. Attention was paid to the safety of all components. Also featured was the Home app on iOS 16, redesigned to keep an eye on the home at a glance. There is e.g. B. New categories like "Lights", "Security", "Climate" and so on. Up to four cameras can also be displayed directly. In addition to iOS, this will also be possible in iPadOS and macOS.

watchOS 9 - watch faces, sports, sleep and health

After the operating system for the iPhone, it was about the system for the Apple Watch. watchOS 9 will bring new watch faces again: Space, Lunar, Play Time and Metropolitan. There will also be new banner notifications and a revised Siri UI. The podcast app on the Apple Watch will include new search functions and a version for children. There are also new APIs for developers for sharing, photo and telephony functions. 

With regard to physical activity, there should of course be a few improvements again. For watchOS 9, new data for jogging was presented, which affects arm and body movement. But the pulse also gets more attention, for example with phases for performance and quieter training during the workout. You can still put together your own workouts - with exercises and individual repetitions. There's also a new multisport workout for triathlon with automatic recognition of running, swimming and cycling. 

As of watchOS 9, the sleep app also registers sleep phases and provides information about them. In order to recognize them as precisely as possible, the software was trained with the largest test group for a wearable, it said. In addition to the time, exercise and sleep, it was also about heart diseases and medication. Cardiac arrhythmias are now permanently detected and saved in a history, among other things to read trends. For example, it can be recognized when and under what circumstances the heart problems arise. There are planning and reminder functions for medicines as well as information about interactions with other medicines, alcohol and other substances.

macOS 13 Ventura - Stage Manager, Spotlight, Mail, Passkeys and more

The name "Mammoth" for macOS 13 has not been confirmed. The upcoming Mac operating system will be called "Ventura". One of the most impressive of the new features is called Internship Manager. This can be done in control center activate and ensures that open windows are grouped on the left, while the active window or multiple active windows are shown in the center. Open windows of an app can be selected or changed by simply clicking on them. A click on the desktop in the background shows it so that files and folders can be selected on it.

New content and functions are also coming to Spotlight, Mail, Safari and Co. Here is a list of other innovations that we can expect from macOS 13 Ventura:

  • Spotlight: Finding content, such as photos, becomes easier and more visually appealing. A timer can be activated via Spotlight. Detailed information about music albums, people, companies, films and their cast, etc. is also getting better.
  • Email: One can cancel / undo the sending of emails. In addition, the sending of an e-mail can be scheduled. With "Follow up" and "Remind me" there are new functions so that you can no longer lose sight of emails and replies. The search function has also been improved so that documents and links can be found more quickly. Spelling errors are recognized and corrected automatically. Furthermore, synonyms are recognized. These new features are also coming to iOS and iPadOS.
  • Safari: "Shared Tab Groups" ensure that you now have to share tab groups with others so that you don't have to send multiple links.
  • pass keys: Passkeys can replace passwords and allow you to log in with Face ID or Touch ID. On devices that are not from Apple (i.e. cannot query Face ID or Touch ID), a QR code is then displayed, which you scan with the iPhone to then confirm your face or fingerprint. 
  • Gaming: "Metal 3" and "MetalFX Upscaling" ensure better graphics. Better textures and geometries can be loaded in the background through the "Fast Resource Loading API", so that games can be made even more attractive.
  • Continuity: FaceTime can be moved from iPhone to Mac without interrupting the call.

Continuity Camera: Use iPhone natively as camera(s).

There are several apps that already allow you to use your iPhone as a webcam on your Mac or PC (DroidCam / EpocCam). mediation Camera Continuity However, it is now possible to use the iPhone as a webcam on the Mac using on-board tools. But not only one of the two to three lenses on the back of the smartphone plays a role. In addition to transferring the face (including the center stage), it is also possible to transfer the desktop / keyboard. The ultra wide-angle camera is used for this. Appropriate holders for the MacBook, the iMac or monitors will soon be offered by Belkin.

iPadOS 16 - Stage Manager, Collaboration, Free Form and Performance

iPadOS 16 combines several new features from iOS 16 and macOS 13. One of the most important new functions, which was already rumored to be in circulation, is the use of app windows in freely adjustable sizes – the same as described above also applies here Internship Manager for use. On the iPad, too, the apps that are still open are grouped on the left next to the active windows. At the same time, the dock is displayed. 

New features for collaborating with other people are also coming to the iPad. as Collaboration the joint, simultaneous editing of files via the share button was announced. Not only is the file shared for local use, but team members are granted access to their own file. With free form a kind of digital whiteboard was presented on which brainstorming can be carried out together and at the same time. Free Form will also be available on iOS and macOS.

The new Metal advantages that I described above for macOS are also implemented on the iPad. There are also new performance features and options. Here are a few examples for the pro users and developers among you:

  • Toolbars in apps become customizable (like on Mac)
  • Im reference mode for the iPad Pro, the display colors can be adapted to the paired Pro devices
  • An optional higher pixel density ensures that more content (e.g. more text or more window content in apps) is displayed
  • By Virtual Memory Swap RAM can be reserved for complex processes or apps
  • Internship Manager automatically used on connected monitors and supported by more simultaneously open windows

When can the new systems be used? 

  • Developer Beta: starting today
  • Public beta: starting next month
  • Release of the systems: autumn 2022

M2 chip – MacBook Air and Pro with new Apple silicon

And in addition to new operating systems, hardware was also introduced today. Apple presented the new M22 chip at the WWDC2 keynote. This was also extensively compared with the M1 chip and the current PC performance. This week I will go into detail about the M2 chip and the comparison with the M1 chip. Here's just this much: up to 24 GB of RAM is supported, the Neural Engine is said to be 40% faster CPU has eight cores (18% faster) and the GPU has 10 cores (35% faster). The memory bandwidth is 100 GB/s.

There will also be more detailed information on the new MacBook Pro with M2 chip, 13-inch display and Touch Bar in another article. It comes with up to 2 TB of storage and up to 20 hours of battery life. The new MacBook Air with M2 chip, 13,6-inch display, MagSafe, two Thunderbolt ports and a headphone jack was presented more extensively and with a commercial. But I will go into more detail elsewhere. Only here as a teaser so much: it has Touch ID, up to 18 hours of battery life, up to 2 TB of hard drive space, a 1080p FaceTime camera and a four-speaker system.

Watch WWDC22 keynote video

Here you can find another video player with the recording of the WWDC22 keynote:

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