Audio and video: Apple Events from 2007 in the Podcasts app (+alternatives)

The day before yesterday Apple a special event announced for May 7, 2024. Since then, there has been some speculation and new rumors about the devices that will be presented during the presentation. Based on several indications, the launch of a new Apple Pencil – and thus also new iPads – is considered certain. But when I looked at's events page, I noticed something else. Namely that there is a podcasts link under the overview of the last Apple events (until March 2022). “View all Apple events” it says – and “all” means the events from January 2007 onwards.

TL;DR: Click here to go directly to the podcasts page

Apple Keynotes from 2007 to today in the Podcasts app

You can listen to and watch Apple's past presentations on both the Mac and mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad. This is not only practical if you want to see old devices, the operating systems that come with them or just Steve Jobs for the sake of nostalgia. Recordings of old Apple keynotes (on YouTube) particularly helped me The overview of all Mac systems from Mac OS X 10.0 to create. While nowadays the macOS presentation is ticked off quite quickly at the WWDC opening, during the old Mac OS X events they went into even more detail and many things were demonstrated live.

Direct links to the audio and video content

Next to the Link to the overall overview On the “Apple Events” page of the Podcasts app there is also the option to go directly to the audio and video overviews: Here for the audios and here for the videos. My recommendation is to click on “Show all” under the follow list of linked pages or tap on your mobile device. Not only will all previously uploaded content be displayed - it will also be arranged chronologically. This is how you can currently do it “Scary Fast” event on October 30, 2023 to “Macworld San Francisco” keynote on January 9, 2007 scroll. That's when the iPhone was introduced for the first time.

Even more records that are also more accessible

Of course, the whole thing is only of any use to you if you can use Apple's Podcasts app. However, the Internet Archive, which I have already introduced to you here, is accessible on other systems and can be accessed directly in the web browser: Internet Archive – possible uses of the worldwide archive. On the website you can use the search field e.g. For example, enter “Apple Event,” “Apple Keynote,” or “Apple Special Event.” You will now see numerous videos, including some from before 2007. You can also search for individual events, such as the Apple 1984 Shareholders Meeting. In addition to the video, there is even a transcript of it on its website.

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