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30 September 2022

Apple Watch Ultra cases and screen protectors - do you need them?

The Apple Watch Ultra is made for use on cross country and competitive sports. It is also constructed accordingly - it has a titanium housing, which surrounds the display and protects the Digital Crown. The display glass […]
29 September 2022

5 good cases for the Apple Watch Series 8

The new Apple Watch Series 8 can withstand a bit by itself, but protective devices can be worthwhile for the housing as well as for the display. In this guide you will find five Apple […]
27 September 2022

iFixit Teardown: Apple Watch Ultra taken apart

The repair professionals from iFixit unscrewed the Apple Watch Ultra and looked at how well or badly the new Smartwatch from Cupertino can be repaired. It was emphasized that there are four screws on the back […]
26 September 2022
Measure blood pressure with the Apple Watch

Can you measure blood pressure with the Apple Watch?

We all know that the Apple Watch is a pretty snazzy gadget. It can do everything from monitoring our fitness to reminding us to get up and move. But one […]
23 September 2022
Blue border on Apple Watch

How do I get rid of the blue border around the Apple Watch?

I'm playing around a lot with my new Apple Watch 8 and testing various functions. Suddenly, however, I saw a display that I hadn’t seen before: a blue border lit up on the very outside of the display, […]
23 September 2022

Available today: AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) and Apple Watch Ultra

From today, Friday, September 23, 2022, you can view and buy the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) and the Apple Watch Ultra in stores. The devices with Prime shipping are also available at Amazon […]
22 September 2022

Apple Watch Sync - View and Control Smartwatch on iPhone

If you have paired an Apple Watch with an iPhone, you can also display the watch's display on the smartphone. In addition, Apple Watch display mirrored on iPhone in this […]
21 September 2022
Apple Watch Series 8 in the test

Apple Watch Series 8 in the test - my personal experience

In the past I was unfortunately very lazy with reports on my Apple devices. I would like to change that in the future, because after all my blog is all about Apple and the devices […]
20 September 2022

Apple Watch Battery Saver – These features will be affected/disabled

The Apple Watch's power-saving mode, which Apple also calls Low Power Mode, is intended to increase the previous standard runtime of the Smartwatch from 18 hours to up to 36 hours. With the Apple Watch Ultra […]
19 September 2022

Apple Watch Accident Detection - Enable and Disable in Settings

With the new Apple Watch models in September 2022, Apple introduced a function called "Accident Detection" or "Crash Detection". This uses components such as a gyro sensor, a new high-g acceleration sensor for forces of up to 256 G and […]