Solution: “AltStore is no longer available” message on the iPhone

Do you have the free version of the AltStore App Marketplace installed on your iPhone? Then it may happen that you get the error message “AltStore is no longer available” when you try to open the app. An app installed via it will then no longer be opened. The message “Delta is no longer available” then appears for the Delta app. Why is that? And what can you do about it? You can find all the information here!

iPhone message: AltStore is no longer available. If you get this error, you can find the solution here.
iPhone message: AltStore is no longer available. If you get this error, you can find the solution here.

Why is AltStore no longer available?

Since it is an app that was installed via a developer account via the official app store (see instructions here), it must be verified again and again. You have to renew AltStore on your iPhone within seven days. AltServer is available for this on a Mac or PC (see also the linked instructions).

Solution to “AltStore is no longer available” message

Open the AltServer app on the Apple Mac so that you can use it via the menu bar. Click on the menu bar icon, bring up the mouse cursor Install AltStore… and then select your iPhone in the menu of this point. You then have to enter your Apple ID login. 

It will take a little while, but in the background AltStore will be reinstalled on the iPhone. When the installation is complete, a small blue dot will appear to the left of the app name under the app icon (indicating an update). Now you can use AltStore again.

Solution to “[App XYZ] is no longer available”

For example, have you installed the Delta Emulator for old Nintendo games and when you try to use it you get the message “Delta is no longer available”? Then first update the AltStore as described above.

Then open the AltStore app and tap the tab My Apps at. The delta line probably says “Expires in 0 Days”. Simply tap the red “0 Days” button and wait for the app to update. If the button is green again and shows “7 Days”, you can use Delta again.

How can I prevent the error message?

You can prevent the “… is no longer available” error by always returning within seven days My Apps Tab of the AltStore taps on the buttons of the apps (and the AltStore itself) - alternatively on Refresh All above the list.

To update and reset the timer (which has to do with Apple's maximum testing time for developer apps), the iPhone should be connected to the Mac or PC running AltServer. This can be done via WLAN and cable.

The alternative is to use “AltStore PAL” for a fee (only available in the EU): Tried it out – install and use AltStore PAL as an app marketplace on the iPhone. No frequent updates are necessary here. In addition, AltStore PAL works without a computer.

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  1. Dear Jens, in the video when Demus was introduced you said something about Mac “because” at 3:40? Unfortunately I didn't finish the sentence. What exactly is meant by Mac, or does Demus also run on MBP OSx? Can Apple's MPs be inserted? Thanks for the answer

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hello Ricci! I'm sorry for that. I think I didn't edit the video well and cut out half of the sentence. In principle, Demus also runs on Macs… definitely on Apple Silicon Macs. Unfortunately, I can't say whether it also runs on Intel Macs. But you can quickly test it and install Demus... I just don't have an Intel Mac anymore and can't try it. LG, Jens

  2. Hello Jens, thank you for your quick answer. Yes, Demus works very well on all my Apple devices, i.e. MBP M1, iPhone, iPad Mini 6 and Lenovo Win 11 Pro.

    What does streaming actually mean, or better yet, are the streamed files physically present or simply available somewhere? It would be nice if I could upload my Apple Music database. So I wouldn’t have all the trouble with “streaming”.

    Thanks to the community for any clarifying answers, as I received the same question from a colleague in Malaysia, to whom I recommended Demus. I have already found music on Demus that is no longer available on Apple Music.

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hello Ricci! Streaming means that you only get the data for the song piece by piece and don't actually have a complete song on your computer that you can somehow save and play later. This is a legal matter that is important because there is a difference between actually buying a song and using it as a stream. Unfortunately, there is no option for Demus to include your own songs. I don't think the developer will deliver that either. But it's nice if you like Demus otherwise!

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